Are you keen to encash the benefits of being a Micro, Small or Medium Enterprise(MSME) but not sure how to avail them or want to protect your delayed payments?

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B2C Eventures Private Limited is a pioneer in providing consultancy for MSME subsidies and benefits. It has a presence in all metro cities and is represented by associates all over India. B2C Eventures promoters have experience of more than seven years and the team consists of diversified professionals’ who have handled more than 63 assignments.

MSME Registration Consultants in Delhi

Despite tremendous potentials, the MSMEs are plagued with several challenges which need to be stifled to avoid encountering

Dipping profits & Increased cost

Effective measures need to be taken up to reduce the manufacturing cost of your products and prevent a drop in profits. Several schemes are implemented by the Ministry of MSME to overcome this challenge. Not availing one in time could depress the financial position of the unit.

Lagging behind the Competitors

If your product doesn’t qualify the market shelves, you may face solace. The market is always hungry for the most cost-effective, quality products, and quality certifications are also aided by the MSME Regulators. If quality isn’t delivered, you are out of the race and will lag behind your competitors and with time; you will start losing your position.

Losing identity of the product

Your product needs attention to attain popularity and ultimately to fetch you a better bottom line. If you aren’t registering your products for the Trademark, Copyright, or claiming your innovation a Patent, you are likely to be lost in the market. Your brand name, brand mark, or innovation could be misutilized by the other business which would cause grave loss to your business and image.

Technology prevents rejection

The market is dynamic and fosters changing technology and that is the key to the survival of your products in national and international markets. Products and services without updated technology miss perfection and are unable to compete. This could result in the rejection and dumping of your products.

Cost exceeds returns

If Not utilizing the full capacity of your unit could lead to the situation, where your cost incurred in the project could exceed the returns and fetch you a negative bottom-line. The fixed expenses are likely a pain in the neck when not fully utilized, even if other factors are well in place.

Non-timely release of payments

Perennial problems of delayed payments are a back step and stop the operational chain of the unit. The delayed payments are the major cause of the breakdown. The reserves of the unit can go down and losses may prevail if the bills are not encashed on time to meet the needs of the operating line of your business.

Penalty for non-compliance of Regulatory Norms

Not adhering to regulatory norms like effluent discharge norms can cause you trouble and top-up the losses. It calls for unwanted litigation and penalties/ fines. Compliance with these norms and product certifications is also a pre-requisite for supply to global markets and you can lose the international markets if sidestepped

NIL identification and Unrealised sales

The product needs adequate marketing techniques to prevents loss in the competitive market and from realizing your sales. Your product may have innovative product quality but it couldn’t be sold off in absence of the expert level of marketing. Loss of marketing expenses and shallow sales could be horrifying for business.

B2C Eventures is well equipped to help you to overcome the above-discussed hindrances in the following systematic, dynamic, and flawless manner:-

  • Updation on Subsidies and benefits as rolled out by the Ministry for MSMEs so that available benefits can be easily availed. Also timely information for the tenders matching your business without missing on them. For example, a hefty 50% subsidy for patent registration is given to the Enterprise with the certificate of registration granted by MSME. We provide best MSME Registration Consultants in Delhi

  • Regular and timely updates on seminars and workshops conducted by the Ministry of MSME for updation of technology, market study, awareness for marketing techniques, etc.

  • Presenting a seamless platform to roll out your application and enjoy the benefits in time without having a roller coaster of the tedious process and visiting the counter of different departments.

  • Advisory services for the investment required vis-a-vis the need of the hour and the different ways to pitch in your capital requirements.

  • Consultancy on the branding of your products and registration services under Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for your products to be identifiable and popular.

  • Maintaining track of compliances required under the MSME act and keeping you updated on the programs.

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