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How to enhance the profitability and efficient decision making for your organization without increasing the employee cost?

B2C takes pride in providing expert guidance to their clientele in enhancing their profit margins by leveraging decades of experience for positive results.Virtual CFO Services are the best solution in such situations.

Who We Are

B2C Eventures established in the year 2010, having its presence in Delhi-NCR has developed a team of multi-disciplinary professionals, conversant and specialized in the diverse spheres of laws, taxation, and securities market. With Governments continually changing and modifying rules and regulations imposing statutory obligations on Companies, B2C Eventures help business units by keeping them up-to-date with the various norms and advising them on various financial decisions.

We help our corporate clients, especially small and medium-sized companies with various decisions to help them make optimum utilization of surplus funds to meet both short-term as well as long-term obligations.

Our company believes in building long-term and productive relationships by providing customized solutions with a practical business-oriented approach to our valuable clients.

In today’s dynamic era, the corporate world desires professionals to play a positive, valuable, and diversified role. We at B2C believe in assuming the responsibility of our mission, surging forward with perpetual determination and perseverance to bring our client’s matters and assignments to their logical conclusion within efficient time.

Businesses may see a decline in profits and productivity due to various factors. When that happens, it’s time to take a step back and reassess the situation to determine what all steps are necessary to keep the business from failing.


Managing and running the organization can most be of the times be a big hassle and problem to the Owners. Inefficiency can pop up in many places. You might find redundant processes, important but hard-to-find information or out-of-date procedures. Many companies also struggle with needlessly complicated processes.

A financial crisis is every business owner’s nightmare. It can be caused by internal factors such as poor cash flow management, or external factors such as a weakening economy, such as sudden outbreak of  Covid 19 etc. If you do not take immediate action when the financial crisis strikes, you will end up with worse financial conditions or go bankrupt. To avoid this scenario, there are a few ways you should start implementing such as

Step 1: Estimate your monthly take-home income.

Step 2: Estimate your monthly expenses/Create a journal.

Step 3: Add up your income and expenses.

Mouth Publicity– Our product speaks for itself. “Baat ussi ki hoti hai jisme koi baat hoti hai”

Every business can improve its profitability. Sometimes a single factor can significantly increase profitability, but for most businesses increasing profitability means implementing a number of small improvements gradually. Some of the steps can be-

a) Attract new leads with information marketing.

b) Increase order size.

A Quick Recap-

The benefits of Virtual CFO-

1) You can continue with the current Processes and try to improve amongst yourself.


2) You can hire our services to see the difference such as-

  • Properly managed Inventory.
  • Increase in the profit Margins (Growth oriented profit making) i.e good profit margins
  • No imposition of penalties as there will no non- Compliances.
  • Accurate accounting reporting


Fact Gathering (Understanding the Case Through Personal Meeting)

We have offices at Delhi/NCR where we can meet you for understanding the case

  • Consultation (analysis of the case)
  • Provide an action plan with timeline (estimation)
  • Provide a list of Documents/Information required from the client
  • Execution i. e. Drafting of a Virtual CFO Product.
  • Running a trail of Virtual CFO Product.
  • Making suggestive changes/corrections, if required
  • Execution of final product.
  • We are Technologically Savvy
  • We Provide 24 Hour Access to Your File


  1. Financial projections & Accounting Compliance

A firm that uses these services will be able to receive financial projections and also budgetary analysis. These services would help the organization to predict the budgets and finances of the organization.

  1. Budgetary Control

With Virtual CFO services it provides you with means to control your budget. Every organization have fixed budget which is allocated to carry out different activities. With Virtual CFO, your organization will receive detailed report on budgetary analysis and reporting. With a traditional CFO, this is not possible. Even if it offers, it may take some time and effort.

  1. Increased cash flow

Usually any organization would like to increase on cash flow. This is the main reason why businesses engage with VCFOs. With its services, one can gain awareness of the business areas that requires improvement and be able to implement recommended solutions.

  1. Trusted reporting

An experienced VCFO knows exactly how to streamline reporting and create customized client reports that will provide you with information that you need.

  1. A sound board for your business

There could be times when you are caught in the daily running of your business activities therefore it may be hard for you to step back and look at all things objectively. With VCFOs, they act as a sound board for all essential business decisions that can impact your financial situation.

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